We are Madri

Madri Collection is a ready-to-mother line that empowers women to breastfeed everywhere. Inspired by Italian culture, which both holds the mother on the highest pedestal and unapologetically celebrates style, we believe that fashion doesn’t stop when you become a mother and that the ability to nurse your babe effortlessly, whether at the breast or via pump, is essential.

Founded by childhood best friends—Ashley Melone and Danielle Walish—who were lucky enough to transition into motherhood five weeks apart, Madri Collection is run by nursing moms and working moms for nursing moms and working moms.

Centered around quality, Madri’s garments are made in New York City from superior textiles with the intention of feeling good against the skin for both mother and babe. Each design has been tailored to include easily-accessible details to nurse or pump with ease, without feeling overexposed.


Supporting Mothers

The World Health Organization recommends that babies breastfeed for their first 2 years of life, which is more than double the length of a pregnancy. While most American woman (81% in 2016) want to breastfeed, there is a drop-off rate (after hospitalization) by 6 months and even more by the first year. Women are not receiving the support required to continue breastfeeding, especially when they return to work. Madri Collection aims to make it easy for mothers to feel confident breastfeeding and pumping in all situations, from their offices, to restaurants, to parties. The easier it is to breastfeed publicly and pump simply, the easier it is for women to continue to nurse their babes longer.